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They say to truly know a person you have to walk a mile in their shoes. We would add to that by saying that to enjoy even a mile of your own journey, you are going to need the best walking shoes possible

Over five thousand years ago, mankind first discovered the importance of footwear, made of animal hide. While these basic designs served them while hunting and foraging, as time passed, it became apparent that comfortable walking shoes stand apart from other variants.

In modern times, with plenty of research being done on people’s comforts, advancement in technology and investment in newer materials, we are better off than ever before. This has resulted in the emergence of numerous walking shoe brands that have crafted many varieties to suit varied preferences. 

While some are soft on the feet, there are also quite a few good shoes for walking all day. Read on further because we will tell you about more such pairs for you to consider.

Smart Walking Shoes to Own 

Here are just a few of the different kinds of footwear that are well suited for you to walk in.

One of the activities that will keep you fit all your life is walking, hence walking sports shoes should make it to every person’s closet. These pairs are engineered to be one of the best cushioned walking shoes, which also keep feet ventilated. As for walking shoes for men, the classic option is the lace-up variant that can also be used for other light workouts. You can also make them a part of an athleisure look with a t-shirt, joggers and hoodie jacket.

  • Slip-on

If you do not like to fuss around with laces, slip-on walking shoes are a great option. They are especially popular among women’s shoes and are known for being very flexible. As their name suggests, they are very easy to wear and take off, plus they are available in different fun shades. They are ideal for low to medium impact activities and also to pair up with skinny jeans and tops. Their design is sleek, and they are the lightweight walking shoes of choice for many.

These are a definite must-have type of sturdy and good walking shoes. If you have not tried at least one pair that has no or small stacked or wedged heel, then you are missing out. These are the kind of footwear that protects your feet, ankle and sometimes a part of your calf or more. It also complements formal as well as casual wear. If your regular routine involves a lot of trips, then these are probably the best walking shoes for travel you can ask for. 

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