Rainy Shoes

Satisfy Your Sole with Mochi Rainy Shoes

Building a great collection of shoes is not only about how expensive the pairs you own are. It is all about understanding your personal style throughout the year, as well as how it changes according to the seasons. Pause to think of every celebrity that you admire, and you will notice how their garments, as well as footwear, are always seasonally appropriate. Speaking of this reminds us of the one season that perhaps need the most amount of preparation in India, and that is the monsoon. Now is the time for prepping your monsoon shoes and rainy wear that will keep you dry.

The rains bring with them relief from heat and nature goes into celebration. It is an uplifting time but can quickly turn into a mess if you do not have the right garments along with rainy footwear to get you through. As a general trend, the shoes for rainy seasons tend to be brightly coloured and rightly so, as we all need a pop of colour for those joyous grey days. So at Mochi, we make sure to stay stocked with vibrant waterproof styles. In anticipation of the monsoon every year, our collections reflect your requirements for the season. Read on for inspiration to put together fun outfits with the right rainy shoes.

Footwear for Rainy Season from Mochi

Wearing the perfect pair of rain shoes will let you confidently step out into the rain without a care in the world. Whether you live in a mountainous area or are a city dweller, there is something for everyone in Mochi’s extensive range of rainy shoes.


These have been classified as one of the most comfortable footwear around, and one of the reasons is because they are amazing rainy shoes. These rainy sandals also have a back strap giving you a snug fit while the chances of those unsightly splashes on the back of your clothes are eliminated.


We cannot write off these much-loved type of rainy shoes which are an all-year favourite. They would not be recommended for very heavy rainfall; however, if you need to pop by to your nearby store, these are a good bet. You can pair them with any type of lounge or casual wear.


Anyone who is a swimmer is sure to own at least one pair of these, apart from those who like water sports. These are a sound option for sandals for rainy seasons as well and feature a sporty vibe to them. As a rule of thumb, do not go for anything with furry or with cloth trims because these won’t dry out as quickly.


This style of rainy shoes for women makes for a practical choice. Your feet will be completely covered while letting you slip out of them with ease. They work well with a pair of leggings and a kurta for a simple everyday look. Make sure to pick ones in rubber or silicone to be the sturdiest.


Such rain shoes for men will work well no matter how bad the weather gets. Firstly, they give complete support to your feet and ankles. As all rainy shoes should, their sole is designed to be anti-slip, so you get the maximum grip. Select the ones which are meant for wet conditions.

Shop for Rainy Shoes for Ladies and Men

Our wide range of brands and styles at Mochi are sure to leave you spoilt for choice. We offer you rainy shoes in all the latest trends to suit your preferences on our exclusive online platform. So be a smart shopper and get all the pairs of rainy shoes you need to be delivered to you before you take on the monsoon!

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