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Enter the World of High Fashion with Stilettos

Stilettos have been amongst the most fashionable shoes for women for many years now.

This striking design of the stiletto heels has made them a worldwide fashion sensation today. Check out our thrilling selection of stilettos at Mochi right here.

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Between the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, thin, high heels originally became popular as a sign of femininity among many women. 

Picking Out the Right Stilettos

Get ready to turn heads wherever you go, with the perfect pair of stilettos. Keep in mind a few essential pointers given below, while shopping for stiletto shoes.

1. Height and Comfort Go Hand-in-Hand

Stiletto high heels are available in a wide variety of heights, from one-and-a-half to six-inch heels. You can be brave and choose the maximum height of six inches if you are comfortable walking in high heels. If you wish to be more comfortable, you can always choose a stiletto heel up to one and a half inches.

2. Style Defines the Vibe

At Mochi, you can choose from a variety of styles like wedges and other heels. Amongst all the styles available, stilettos with ankle straps are highly popular. You can even opt for stilettos with multiple ankle straps to get a more polished look. You can find them in any colour you like. Metallic-shine stilettos in gold, silver, and other tones are also available. They are currently in trend. You can get matching kitten heels for your daughter too.

3. Stock up on Colours in Your Wardrobe

Brown, beige, or black stilettos are the finest choices because they go with practically every piece of clothing. You can also check out fascinating ones like navy, olive, natural, and tan. At Mochi, we also offer bare-eyed hues in block heels that go well with all your formal clothes. Stilettos are also always available in traditional hues like blue, pink, orange, or purple. Red stilettos are a must-have in your collection, as they pair well with a lot of outfits.

Stiletto Styling 101

Here are a few tips on how to style stilettos. Take inspiration from them to create your personalised looks.

  1. Cocktail Party: You can wear your little black dress for a cocktail party, and put on a pair of embellished black stiletto heels. Open-toed sandals with rhinestones will look fantastic on you. Complete your ensemble with a clutch bag and complementary jewellery.
  2. Winter Carnival: At a winter carnival, boots or stiletto sandals look fantastic. Depending on the look and the weather, you can select boots that are knee- or ankle-length. Wear an elegant combination of a red dress, a fake leather jacket, and black stiletto boots.
  3. At the Office: Stiletto pumps are a great option for office footwear. They come in a rainbow of colours so you can mix and match them in your wardrobe, to get a new outfit on every day of the week. You can pair them with a blouson shirt and pencil skirt. Team your outfit with a pair of peep-toed shoes or platform stiletto heels.

Buy Stilettos from Mochi

Mochi has a range of options for you to choose from, all of 100% authentic and original quality. Get platform heels, stilettos, flats and much more here. We have several modes of payment to make online transactions an easy and secure process for you. We also offer the option for you to pay cash on delivery. If required, we also have an easy return or exchange policy. So shop for stilettos from Mochi today!

Stilettos - FAQs

What is the difference between stiletto heels and pump shoes?

There are a lot of differences between stilettos and pumps. Firstly, stilettos shoes are mainly party shoes, whereas pumps are more formal. Secondly, pumps have kitten heels, usually an inch or two. Stiletto sandals, on the other hand, are known for featuring high heels. Women’s stilettos also have an open toes front while women pumps are commonly closed-toed.

Where can I find stiletto shoes online?

You can find the best stilettos online at Mochi Shoes, one of the biggest footwear stores in India. We stock some of the highest quality shoes, including stilettos footwear, and you can rely on Mochi Shoes to get you the best deals. Our range of stilettos is quite versatile and you can easily find the most fashionable stiletto high heels from our collection.

Things to keep in mind while buying stilettos?

Buying stilettos is unlike shopping for flat heels or anything of the sort. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not go for a bigger or especially smaller size. The right size ensures maximum comfort.
  • Always stock up on classic ones like black stiletto heels. Red stilettos are also a must-have.
  • Check heel thickness, especially if you are new to stilettos. While you will not get stilettos that are like block heels, getting an adequately thick pair will help.

What dress goes well with stilettos?

Stilettos are very stylish shoes that go well with just about anything. Here are a few outfits you can wear them with:

  • Wear black stilettos with jeans and a crop top for a casual look.
  • Go with stiletto pumps, a pencil skirt and a formal blouse for a professional outfit. White stilettos will add to the look.



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