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Stylish Handbags for Women - Discover Your Perfect Match

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Functionality in Style: Shop a Handbag for Women at Mochi Shoes

Handbags go back to 14th-century Egypt. They used to be called pockets back then and were made from leaves. Over the next few decades, their position changed to status symbols and fashion statements. Jewellery, intricate handwork, and expensive materials went into their makings. It wasn’t until the 1900s that a handbag for women started being considered as luggage or essential carriers besides merely being tagged as accessories.

In the present day, a handbag for ladies strikes the perfect balance between practicality and style. They are made using a wide variety of materials and come with many features to cater to the needs of women. If you are looking for a valuable addition to your collection, Mochi Shoes awaits you with a wide and versatile selection of handbags for women.

Enter the Exciting World of Women Handbags at Mochi Shoes

The requirements for a handbag purse for ladies can be quite diverse in the modern world. Step up your accessorising game with the changing needs, and find different types of handbags with various features and components at Mochi Shoes.

  • Clutches

Women clutches are small, flat, hand-held bags with a single main compartment. Some designs may also have other tiny slots inside, creating enough space for cash, cards, a mobile phone, car keys, a mirror, and some makeup products. Often made with synthetic material, these handy essentials are available both as sleek solids that go well with formals as well as embellished beauties. These add a bit of dazzle, featuring intricate designs, sequences, embroidery work, and mirror work to complement traditional attires as well as classics. 

  • Satchel Bags

As a medium or large-sized bag, this handbag for women is a useful accessory to have. Promising a roomy interior, perfect for your laptop, wallet, and the latest bestseller, the multiple compartments of a satchel bag allow everything to be organised. Besides two short handles giving them the stature of handheld bags, they will have big straps to use as across-the-body or shoulder bags for women. Mostly made with synthetic materials, these bags feature a secure zip or flap closing. They come in different colours, patterns, and details to complement various style statements. 

  • Tote Bags

If overflowing purses or mini pouches aren’t your thing, and you need a more spacious and stylish handbag for women, pick a tote bag. The multiple compartments inside the bag will help you neatly fit all your essentials. The long straps will allow you to stylishly carry the bag on your shoulder or in your hands. There can be a tiny slot on the back, with a zip closing to store some items for easy access. Available in multiple solid shades, interesting prints, textures, and patterns, their myriad options will provide the perfect choice for any occasion.

Buying Best Handbag for Women: Important Factors to Consider

Aesthetics are important. With that, keep the following factors in mind to ensure the purchase of a useful handbag for women.

  • Functionality and Purpose

The requirements for carrying essentials are not the same for when going to the office, a date, and so on. When picking a bag, decide on how much space you will need. A satchel bag with multiple compartments is best to carry to the office as you will probably need space to keep a laptop, chargers, important files, a lunch box, and many other things. On the other hand, when you are on a dinner date and need only cash, cards, a few makeup essentials, and your phone, a clutch will be adequate. 

  • Closing Mechanism

A handbag for women should be secure enough since it will house valuable essentials. So, a zip closure will be ideal. That said, you may need to access something, like cash, during travelling. In that case, a slot, preferably placed on the outside, with a magnetic snap closure, will be useful.

  • Style

Pick the best female handbag that suits your personal style. You can even buy a unique handbag for women to serve as a statement piece on selective events. On the contrary, you can also pick a multi-purpose bag in solid colours and textures that will seamlessly go with various dress codes.

Style a Handbag For Women to Steal Limelight: Tips to Follow

The size, colour, and design of bags for women should align with your attire and event. Remember this and use the following tips to get the desired looks!

  • Turn Heads in Traditional

When wearing a saree or salwar suit, adorn traditional jewellery and juttis. Glam up or keep the make-up simple as per the occasion. Complete the look with a clutch featuring intricate embroidery.

  • Be Fashionable in Formals

Dress shirts, chinos, and blazers will help create a classic formal look. Polished, chic shoes and minimal jewellery will also fit nicely. Add the final touch with a solid or textured satchel bag. Carry the straps in your hands for a modern, powerful appearance or let them hang from the shoulder like sling bags for women for a comfortable balance. 

  • Be Chic in Casual

A tote bag can add style or personality to a casual dress code. Go with jeans and a T-shirt, kurtas, or a dress. A no-make-up look will do too. For the bag, either go for a classy one in brown or black or pick something with elegant prints. 

Buy Handbag for Women Online from Mochi Shoes

Are you looking for a women’s handbag online? Then, a visit to Mochi Shoes is a must! We have a massive variety of styles, designs, colours, and features. Whichever occasion or appearance you have in mind, we can find a suitable option for you. With a focus on style, we pay close attention to the details, stitching, and overall quality to ensure you receive a long-lasting bag. Exploring the options will surely be a fun experience. The ordering process itself is simple. You also stand the chance to receive free deliveries when the order is over a specific purchase limit. So, check out Mochi Shoes today and have an amazing shopping experience!

FAQs - Women Handbags

What types of ladies handbags are currently fashionable? 

Mini sling bags, oversized totes, and structured ladies’ purses are all currently fashionable. Moreover, women’s handbags, too, are on-trend. 

What are the most popular choices among women's handbags? 

The most popular choices in women’s handbags are convenient tote bags, versatile satchels, and structured sling bags. These are all comfortable and timelessly stylish, which makes them very popular. 

What style of handbag is the most suitable for parties? 

Clutches and evening bags with embellishments and sequins are most suitable for parties. Their compact design and metallic hues give them immense appeal. 

What sets a hand purse for women apart from women's handbags

Women’s handbags are usually larger and are meant to carry more things. While you check out these ladies' purses online, they are smaller and crafted to carry essentials such as cards, cash, and a phone.


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