Turn Up the Heat With Stylish Peep Toes Shoes on Mochi

The popularity of peep toe shoes have gone through many boom and bust cycles -- first in the 1940s, then in the 60s, and again in the mid-2000s. At present, they’ve achieved somewhat of a cult classic status with working women, owing to elegant, timeless, and no-frills design.

Types of Peep Toes You Can Find

Peep toe shoes are so popular that they’re available in many fusion avatars. Let’s take a look at a few types:

  • Peep Toe Heels:

An alternative to traditional heels, these peep toe shoes add an element of mystery to your wardrobe shoes collection and to your overall style as well.

  • Peep Toe Wedges:

These footwear offer the advantage of heels without the unsteadiness that comes with them. These are ideal for people who want to add a few inches to their height but are intimidated by heels.

  • Peep Toe Ballerinas:

These are peep toe shoes that come with slightly elevated heels. Ballerinas are categorised as flats because they’re inspired from the flat shoes that ballerina dancers are known for wearing.

Things to Keep in Mind to Pull Off Open Toe Shoes for Women

Here are a few style tips you should keep in mind when wearing peep toe shoes or sandals:

  • Wear them with whatever you want:

The first rule of wearing peep toe heels or flats is that there are no real rules dictating how you should use them. They are so versatile that they pair with any and all outfits effortlessly to give you the pep in your heels and a boost in your confidence. Pair these sexy pairs with denims, pants, or dress, they’ll never look out of place.

  • Mind the weather:

When the winter hits, open toe heels may leave you exposed to the cold. While it’s true they can be worn all-year round. Exercise your judgement so you don’t sacrifice comfort in a bid to make a style statement.

  • Go for a statement colour

The blues, blacks, and the beiges are all-time favourite colours you can always count on when it comes to open toes or pump shoes for women. But, you don’t necessarily have to play safe all the time. Experiment with a pair of snazzy and colourful shoes once in a while and up your style quotient. Try these gun metal finish peep toe shoes from our store to pull off a fabulous look.

Shop for Peep Toe Shoes on Mochi

With more than 150 stores and a sprawling online store, Mochi is the go-to space for thousands of fashion-minded millennials looking for footwear. Apart from our own brand, we also sell footwear from some of the best brands in India and the world. Crocs, Cheemo, J Fontini, and Haute Diva are some of the popular names on our roster. So, whatever you’re looking for: whether it is sandals for women, or party shoes for men, end your search with us. Log on to our store now and get set to put your best foot forward, always!

Peep Toes - FAQs

What is so attractive about women’s peep-toe heels?

The key feature in a woman’s peep-toe heel is that it features a small opening or cut in the front to allow the first two or three toes to be visible. This small cut is what makes peep-toe heels look so chic, flirty and attractive.

What outfits go well with peep-toe?

A peep-toe is a classic style meant to dress up just about any outfit.

  • Women peep toes can be dressed up with both skinny and mom jeans styles that are currently in trend. If your denim hem is too long, you can fold it up to bring all the focus to your heels.
  • Women’s peep-toe pumps also look great with flowy dresses that sit right above the knee.
  • Women’s black peep-toe heels can add a fun accent to a black pencil skirt or business suit.
Is a peep toe shoe considered appropriate for office wear?

Yes, you can transform your office wear with a nice pair of black, tan or nude women’s peep toes to add some height and sophistication to your look. The formal yet playful vibe of this style can help serve multiple purposes in your wardrobe.

Can you wear peep toe shoes in winter?

Yes, peep toe women’s shoes can be worn in winter. There are several women’s peep toes in boot styles that can be styled with a pantyhose or a pair of sheer or nude socks that look absolutely seamless.


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