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Mochi Jutti for Men - Jazz it up

Originating in the state of Punjab, Jutti is extremely popular in north India, and both men and women wear these traditional men’s slip-on shoes.

Talking about the male demographic, jutti for men are worn both as daily wear shoes as well as part of ceremonial attire. Those who know the supreme comfort of wearing men’s jutti shoes will swear by its practicality and versatility. If you are on the lookout for a pair of men’s jutti online, here is a little guide to help you make your decision.

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Mochi Men Tan Ethnic Jutis


Men Tan Ethnic Jutis

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Size - 67891011

Mochi Men Tan Ethnic Jutis


Men Tan Ethnic Jutis

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Mochi Men Gold Ethnic Jutis

Select Stylish Juti for Men on Mochi Shoes

The classic juti for men is a fashionable footwear that continues to be a crucial part of ethnic events in India. After all, it is involved in the most entertaining ritual in our weddings. Yes, the one where the sister-in-laws of the groom playfully steal his jutis and ask for ransom money. As the wedding season is about to kick-off, it is the perfect time to buy these popular shoes.

Why Mochi Shoes is the Perfect Online Store for Gents’ Juti

Mochi Shoes offers a diverse collection of footwear for men with variations in design, colour, size and so on. You have the liberty to choose from a thousand different shoes which will match your fashion style. Moreover, there is no compromise on the quality of the products in our outlet. With that said, you can confidently buy men’s jutis from our online store and wear it on various occasions.

How to Style Juti Shoes for Men

Due to the enormous selection of juti for men on Mochi Shoes, you can try numerous combinations with them. Each shoe brings something fresh and unique to the table. Hence, you can pair them with a variety of different outfits. So, let us dive into some exciting combinations with these amazing juti for men.

  1. White Pathani Suit with Tan Juti for Men

Opt for an all-white pathani suit and pair it with tan ethnic juti for men with a grilled design. Roll up the sleeves of the pathani kurta till your elbows. To accessorise, wear a posh silver watch on your left hand and a stylish black bracelet on the right.

  1. Kurta-Pajama with Gold Juti for Men

Mochi offers tailor-made men’s juti for kurta-pajama that look best in weddings, festivals, and many more cultural events. You can select gold ethnic juti for men with pyramid-shaped silver embellishments for a royal look. Brown punjabi juti for men with motif design is another great pairing option. Preferably, wear a gold kurta with a red or maroon coloured pajama.

  1. T-Shirt and Jeans with Casual Brown Juti for Men

A T-shirt paired with jeans looks even better with stylish casual juti for men. Go for a plain T-shirt with slim-fit blue or black denim jeans. Complement them with brown-coloured casual jutis to look fashionable on a weekend. You can wear this juti on a daily basis, combined with several other informal outfits.

  1. Formal Shirt and Pants with Black Leather Juti for Men

On formal occasions, you can pair up a shirt and pants with black jutti for men. They are an excellent pair of party shoes for men. You can even opt for a two or three piece suit to look as sophisticated as ever. This is the perfect outfit for workplaces, office parties, and other formal functions.

Buy from a Wide Collection of Juti for Men on Mochi Shoes

Mochi is a go-to platform for beautiful ethnic shoes made for your comfort and style. We offer tons of punjabi jutti for men from which you can select your favourite pair. The products displayed in our catalogue are of premium quality and we also offer a quick delivery service. So, go and register on Mochi Shoes and order a fresh pair of fantastic juti for men!

Jutti for Men - FAQ's

What are the different types of juti for men?

There are various men jutis  available online at Mochi. You can find all kinds of casual, ethnic, and party wear jutis for men in a variety of colours, designs, patterns, heel types, and lining materials. From simple casual men's jutis to leather juti for men to embellished traditional jutis for weddings and other special occasions are all available at Mochi.

Can I wear Punjabi juti for men with socks?

Yes, you can wear Punjabi jutis for men with socks. As per your outfit and style, you can pair your Punjabi jutis for men with a sheath pair of socks. Choose loafer socks in neutral colours such as tan, beige, khaki, etc. so that your jutti shoes can stand out and the socks can still provide you the comfort and support you need.

Can Men's juti be worn other than festive occasions?

Men's jutis are a great addition to your footwear closet as they can be styled for many occasions whether it be ethnic or casual. You can choose from a wide collection of wedding shoes if you want to specifically buy them for wedding events. Otherwise, for casual everyday usage, you can look at a great assortment of Men Kolhapuris at Mochi.

Are gent's juti comfortable to wear for a long period of time?

Gents juti are a great choice for styling your traditional and casual outfits. While buying, you need to take care of its quality, versatility, and sole type, so that you can comfortably wear them for a long period of time. You can also wear a pair of loafer socks inside juti shoes for men so that your feet are well-protected and comfortable.

Where can I buy Juti for men online?

You can buy juti for men online at Mochi. We have an awesome collection of high-quality ethnic shoes for men. An excellent range of Men Mojaris is also available for you to add to your footwear collection. Look at all the varieties that Mochi has to offer and get the ones that match your style and outfit.


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