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    Shoe Cleaner Spray: The Key to Keeping Footwear Brand New

    A shoe cleaner spray is a must-have for pristine footwear maintenance. Thus, Mochi Shoes has crafted its very own range to offer solutions that can revitalise your shoes and leave them looking fresh and impeccably cared for. With our range of protect, care, clean, and shine products, you can effortlessly remove dirt and stains, restoring their natural lustre. Moreover, our shoe protector spray provides an added shield against dust, ensuring your shoes remain in immaculate condition. So, it is time to up the maintenance of your beloved kicks and flaunt them like they are new with the shoe cleaner spray collection from Mochi Shoes.

    Spray Away the Dirt: Explore Online Shoe Cleaner Options

    Mochi Shoes’ shoe care accessories ensure your footwear remains as good as new. Allow us to guide you through the different categories of cleaning sprays to find the one that fulfils your needs. 

    • Renew: If your footwear has been through some harsh conditions and has a couple of years of life, this shoe cleaning spray is for you. It can restore the original condition of your kicks and renew the material’s quality. Even if you wear your footwear daily, this will assist you in keeping them looking brand new. 
    • Shine: If your shoes need some urgent polishing, consider buying this shiny shoe spray. Available in serum and spray forms, these can give your footwear that glossy finish, making them ideal for even the most formal events. 
    • Clean: The shoe cleaning spray can scuff out even the most stubborn dirt particles. Whether your footwear has accumulated unwanted dust or looks worn out, this spray will ensure they are cleaned meticulously and restored to their original condition. You can also use a cleansing foot spray to ensure the insides of your shoes remain clean.
    • Colour: According to the hue of your kicks, these shoe cleaning sprays can help revive the original vibrancy of your footwear. If you prefer a darker shade, go for the black shoe spray. Similarly, tan hues should be paired with brown-tinted products. This will ensure your shoes look good and help lengthen their lifecycle. 

    How to Use Shoe Cleaner Spray Correctly

    Mochi Shoes presents you with a guide on using your new shoe cleaner spray to get the most out of it. 

    • Prepare: Before the application of your new shoe cleaner spray, it is important to ensure you start with a clean base. Wipe away any loose dirt particles you see using a cloth or a shoe brush. Preparing your footwear this way will ensure your spray works effectively and avoids any potential scratches.
    • Apply: For even coverage, it is ideal to spritz your new shoe cleaner spray from around 6 inches away. It is ideal to spray in bursts rather than applying it continuously. This will allow a uniform application without over-saturation.
    • Dry: Your shoe cleaner spray must be dried off properly before wearing your footwear. Air-drying naturally is the best way to go. Keep your footwear in an area without direct sunlight, and once dry, you can buff them with a cloth. 

    Shop for Shoe Cleaner Spray Online on Mochi Shoes

    If you need to keep your footwear looking brand new and durable, shop for shoe cleaner sprays online at Mochi Shoes. Our range of products ensures your shoes are clean, can retain their natural colour, and have a renewed appearance. So, shop for shoe cleaner sprays today and get them shipped comfortably to your doorstep.



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