Monk Shoes for Men - Slip-On Footwear for Polished Dressers

Carrying an exceptional design inspired by footwear worn by field workers in the mediaeval monasteries, these shoes are greatly appreciated in the world of fashion today. They are the perfect mix of traditional, casual, and formal styles. That said, you can find the most exciting designs of monk shoes for men on our online store.

Discover Popular Styles of Men’s Monk Shoes Online

The design of monk shoes for men varies on the basis of the toe, vamp, and strap of the footwear. A subtle change in the construction can form a unique style that can be worn with various apparel. So, let us explore the famous styles of men’s monk strap shoes offered by Mochi Shoes.

  1. Single-Strap Monk Shoes

These men’s monk-style shoes come with just one strap that goes across the midfoot, and around it feature wonderful perforations. They are crafted with premium leather and come with arch support. These formal shoes for men come in ombre tones of black as well as tan. They are easy to slip on and can also be worn for casual occasions.

  1. Two-Strap Monk Shoes

These monk shoes for men come with a classic design and are fairly popular around formal dressers. They feature two buckle straps around the midfoot feature perforations around the toe. This style usually comes to mind first when we picturise monk shoes. Just like our loafers for men, they are a great option while styling a casual outfit. They also act as fantastic dress shoes, suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions.

What Outfits Can I Wear with Monk Shoes for Men from Mochi Shoes?

Being versatile footwear, monk shoes for men look great with most apparel. However, along with looking presentable, you can also make a fashion statement with these pieces. So, allow us to introduce you to a few exciting ways of styling monk shoes for men on various occasions.

  1. With a Suit

To make an impression in a professional setting, wear a three-piece suit with a tie that matches the colour of your monk shoes. Just like our Oxford shoes for men, these pieces are great for complementing formal outfits.

  1. With a Modern Outfit

To make a fashion statement, you can go for a shirt or T-shirt with a trendy design and pair it with classy chinos or stylish jeans. Just like our range of boots for men, our monk shoes go perfectly well with this urban look.

  1. With a Kurta-Pajama

One of the best ways to attend a wedding or a family function is in a wonderful kurta-pyjama. You can add to this traditional look with a pair of double strap monk shoes. They are not only great ethnic wear but also keep your feet comfortable for long hours.

Shop for Stylish Monk Shoes for Men to Create Elegant Looks

Browsing through the catalogue of Mochi Shoes, you will find exciting designs of monk shoes for men. They come with a special construction that offers durability and comfort. Our footwear collection also offers similar styles, such as loafers, moccasins, and derby shoes for men. So, explore these amazing selections and buy yourself some fantastic pairs!

Monk Shoes FAQs

Where can I find the best monk shoes?

You can find the best men's monk shoes at Mochi Shoes, one of the best brands for men and women formal shoes in India. Their online and offline stores offer all the options that you need in your wardrobe, including monk shoes. Mochi Shoes collections of men's monk strap shoes are made of high-quality leather to give you maximum durability at affordable ranges.

Are double monk strap shoes for men considered formal wear?

Yes, double monk strap shoes are considered formal wear. These men's monk shoes have a very professional yet unique footwear design that you can style in a number of formal ways. Here are a few ideas for monk strap shoes :

  • Style your monk shoes for men with trousers, a formal shirt and an overcoat.
  • You can also wear monk strap formal shoes with a pair of jeans and a tucked-in turtleneck.

Are monk straps for men still in style?

Yes, monk style shoes are definitely still in style. Men's monk shoes are just as timeless as men loafers so you can never go wrong with them. Monk shoes for men are minimalistic, classic and yet have a very stylish edge that matches the needs of old as well as young people.

Can men wear double monk shoes with jeans?

Yes, men can wear double strap monk shoes as well as single monk strap shoes with jeans. While primarily used for formal events, monk strap shoes for men have a fun design that you can pull off with just about anything. You can style men's monk shoes with jeans, trousers, turtlenecks, coats, etc. in semi-formal settings.



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