Mochi Men Mojaris - Walking the traditional path

The mojari is a style of footwear that is handcrafted. Traditionally made using tanned leather, the footwear is bonded using a cotton thread. This measure ensures that the fabrics are stitched together firmly.

Over centuries, this footwear style has evolved to offer numerous options for both men and women. However, in this article, we shall have a look at the range of men's mojaris. While the style is particularly well-known in India, various variants of men's mojari shoes have been found across South Asia.

Difference between Jutti and Mojari for Men

Traditionally, footwear styles like mojaris and juttis were worn by the elite, especially the royal families in northern India. They are also referred to as Saleem Shahi's since the footwear style became well-known during the reign of Emperor Jahangir, who was also known as Saleem Shahi. However, as time passed by, both mojaris and juttis for men became popular among the common people.

The difference between women and men’s mojaris and juttis lies in the coverage they offer. The former is a closed shoe with an extended curled toe, and the latter features an open front. Also, juttis were commonly worn by women and mojaris were worn by men in the past. But things have evolved as mojari for women, and jutti for men are also being crafted in the market.

How to pair outfits with Mojaris for Men?

Considering that men’s mojaris have been around for years now, they have had quite an impact on the fashion scene in India. Hence, we shall be exploring some of the popular ways to pair outfits with these ethnic shoes:

  • Men's mojari shoes pair well with most north Indian outfits. Ones with simple designs suit the kurta pyjama look. Whereas, for grander occasions such as weddings, the embellished ones are preferred with bright, shiny sherwanis.
  • In case you are trying out an Indo-fusion look, opt for kurtas with jeans and pair them with men’s mojaris. Both simple and dressier versions of mojaris would go well with the look; just keep the detailing on the kurta in mind while styling them.

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Men’s Mojaris - FAQs

What is the history behind mojaris?

The handcrafted mojaris originated under the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent and got popular under Emperor Jahangir aka Saleem Shah’s reign. Hence, the footwear is also known as Saleem Shahi. The footwear was initially decorated with gems, colours, and ornaments. Eventually, the designs evolved over centuries with different materials and styles being employed for the footwear while retaining the core design.

What clothes go well with men’s mojaris?

Here is the list of various outfits for men that pair elegantly with mojaris -

  • Traditional Wear- Men’s mojaris can be easily paired with several traditional outfits, such as kurta and pyjama, churidar, sherwanis, kurta and dhoti, etc.
  • Contemporary Wear - You can pair denim jeans with kurta and pair it with rounded and pointed jutis for an Indo-fusion look.

How are mojaris made?

Mojaris are traditionally handcrafted by artisans using tanned leather. The upper part is made of a piece of textile or leather and is embroidered with various ornaments. The embellishments can range from brass nails to mirrors. The footwear is eco-friendly and uses cotton thread to stitch the upper part of the shoe to the sole in a way that ensures sturdiness.

On which occasions can men’s mojaris be worn?

Men’s mojaris are the perfect option for all your special occasions. The footwear has been popular in the Indian subcontinent since centuries. Initially worn by royal families in India and South-Asia, mojaris for men are now a common sight in most traditional functions such as -

  • Wedding and Reception Ceremonies - Men’s mojaris are one of the most prefered footwear during the wedding season. Traditional and ethnic wear such as kurta and pyjamas, sherwanis, kurta and dhotis, etc.
  • Independence / Republic Day or other celebrations - When paired with men’s mojaris, a simple white coloured kurta and pyjama with a dark coloured Nehru jacket make for a simple yet eye-catching ensemble.


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