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Upgrade Your Style with Mochi's Men's Brogues Collection

Elevate your fashion with men's brogues from Mochi Shoes. Discover the Irish-inspired formal shoes for men that have evolved into a favorite for black tie events.

The perforated leather design adds finesse, and our collection offers varied styles. Choose black for discreet elegance or brown for a versatile, casual touch. Shop online for timeless sophistication.

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Men's Brogues- For a Sophisticated Look

The world of men's footwear is thriving with a plethora of choices. A stylish gentleman is one who explores these choices and has an expansive wardrobe. So, step up your style game with Mochi Shoes' brogue shoes for men, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary fashion, making every step a statement of sophistication. Men's brogues are one such ornate choice in dress shoes for the discerning man, and there are plenty of reasons why you should own a pair of these formal shoes.

Go beyond the routine of plain leather shoes and bring about a rich finesse to your fashion sense by adding an elegant pair of men's brogues shoes to your footwear collection. Let's explore the style of men's brogues and take a closer look at the variations, history and best ways to rock these dress shoes.

An Expansive Selection of Men's Brogues on Mochi Shoes

Men's brogues shoes can trace their origins to an Irish heritage that started as informal shoes. Today, brogue shoes for men have shifted away from their informal identity and are considered to be a favourite for black tie events.

  1. Details in design: Brogues refer to the design on the shoe rather than the style of the shoes. The perforated patterns on the leather are what make the shoe a brogue. The distinct design on the men's leather brogues could be limited to the front section of the shoes or have a uniform pattern running along the seams of the leather.
  2. Comfort and style: Men's brogues shoes are almost identical to oxfords and derby shoes. But what sets them apart is the design and tanning of the hide. Men's leather brogues in derby style laces are a fine choice for long days. The heel is a prominent feature of brogues shoes for men and this gives your stance a lift and adds up as a highlight of the style.

A Style Guide to Donning Men's Brogues the Right Way

Men's casual shoes and formal brogues are easily distinguished. When you pair the perfect one with your outfit, you're guaranteed to get a lot of compliments. Keep the following tips in mind when wearing men's brogues shoes.

  • Formal Attire: Black brogues shoes for men are ideal for those who prefer a more discreet style. Men's brown brogue shoes go effortlessly well with lighter or neutral shades of clothing. Grey, navy blue, dark green, and chequered trousers are suited with brown and men's tan brogues shoes.
  • Smart Casuals: Trousers and chinos are best worn with a pair of men's brown brogue shoes. This shade has a more casual undertone as compared to black brogue shoes for men. If you are wearing jeans, then men's suede brogues are the way to go. However, make sure you fold your jeans at the ankle for a more relaxed look.

Shop the Finest Footwear at Mochi Shoes

Shopping for shoes online is a great way to cover many styles. Just pick the right look and compare your options. Our wide assortment of men's brogues coupled with the seamless user interface makes shopping from our website a seamless process.

You can also browse through our selection of men's formal boots, mules, jutis, kolhapuris and more and add your favourite option to the cart. While at it, you can also consider checking out our range of sturdy boots, breezy loafers and trendy sneakers from your favourite brands. Shop quality fashion footwear from Mochi today!

Men’s Brogues - FAQs

Can you wear brogues to a wedding?

Yes, men’s brogues can be worn at weddings and reception ceremonies i.e. formal events. The versatility of the shoes makes them easy to pair with regular button-down shirts and pants or a well-tailored suit. In terms of styling, consider opting for black brogue shoes for men, as it can pair well with many outfits designed for special occasions. You can also go for men's brown brogues as an alternative to black shoes and pair with belts and accessories of the same colour.

Why do brogues have holes?

Initially, the holes were meant to drain out water from shoes and keep users’ feet dry and airy, as people used to walk in muddy lands. Eventually, the holes in men’s brogues evolved to become a staple in the fashion industry.

Are brogues still in fashion?

Yes, brogues shoes for men are still in fashion. The minimalist look and feel of men’s brogues have garnered praise and admiration in the fashion industry in recent years. Also, the versatility and the ornamentation make men’s brogue shoes the must-have footwear in everyone’s wardrobe.

Are Oxford brogues considered formal?

Yes, Oxford brogues are considered to be formal shoes. However, men’s Oxford brogues come in different colours and variations that can give them an appearance of semi-formal footwear. This makes Oxford brogues a great choice to pair with casual as well as formal outfits. Make a distinguished impression at any formal event with Mochi Shoes' these formal brogue shoes, where elegance meets comfort, crafting the perfect finishing touch to your polished look.


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