Mochi Flat Shoes - For Every Occasion

Popular culture tells us that high heels are the symbol of style and fashion. Women wore stylish and uncomfortable heels for years until they decided to choose something that is safer and simpler. By the 1800s, many women started wearing simple, soft slippers that are similar to the present day ballet flats shoes.

Earlier, flat shoes for women were seen as casual footwear meant for indoors. However, new-age shoe designers have added various embellishments to make women’s flats ideal for parties and festivals. 

In the present day, women also give equal preference to flat slippers and high heels. They choose their footwear according to their mood, occasion, and outfit. On the other hand, men have also started opting for flat sandals and Kolhapuri chappal for various occasions due to their comfort factor.

Types of Flat Shoes

Versatility is the best thing about women’s flats and that is exactly what you can expect from the range of flat shoes online on Mochi. 

There are various types of flat shoes for women, such as ballerinas, gladiators, jutti, thong sandals, T-straps, espadrilles, and flip-flops.  

A style guide to wearing Flat Shoes for Women

As there is a wide range of ladies flat shoes available, women must know how to choose the right footwear with their outfit. The following style guide will help you coordinate your outfits with the perfect girls’ shoes

  1. You can match the colour of your ballerina shoes with the colour of your evening gown to look pretty. The colour matching technique is known to always work with ladies flat shoes. 
  2. You can wear flat white gladiators with a skater dress when you are heading to a party. The open toe flat shoes are not only visually fancy but also super comfortable.
  3. With the classic T-shirt and jeans combination, you can opt for trendy multicoloured casual slip-ons for a super cool look.
  4. When you are shopping for wedding shoes for women, you can opt for glitzy golden coloured flat sandals with stone or beadwork. 

Style Guide to wear Flat Shoes for Men

Men’s flat footwear ranges from casual slip-ons in black and brown to ethnic slip-ons in vibrant colours.  With so many options to choose from, men must know the variations in flat footwear to pick one that complements their outfit. 

  1. You can wear blue ethnic slip-ons with a white kurta and your favourite denim for a festive look. 
  2. If you have a wedding to attend, you can pair a sherwani with embroidered mojari for a royal look.
  3. For casual occasions, you can wear brown leather slip-ons with trousers and shirts for a simple yet eye-catching look. 
  4. When you are heading to a beach vacation, you can opt for flip-flops in bold colours and eye-popping prints for the best effect.

Buy Flat Shoes online from Mochi Shoes

You no longer have to struggle in strappy stilettos to look fashionable. The solution to look fashionable and yet feel comfortable is flat shoes. Mochi features a large collection of flat slippers for ladies and men in attractive designs. 

In addition to the wide range of products, the loyalty program and affordable pricing make us the ideal shopping destination. So, sign up right away and start building your trendy collection of flat shoes today. 




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