Winter Shoes

Winter shoes are footwear designed especially for the colder season. While some places have dry winters, many regions experience snowfall. Hence, different varieties of winter shoes have been crafted to address specific requirements as per the weather. Looking for the best winter shoes online? You've arrived at the right place!

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The relevance of Winter Shoes in India

In India, winter is different in many regions, so the preference for winter shoes also differs accordingly. Hence, many styles of women’s boots can be seen being sported with interesting ensembles. A similar variety can be seen in the range of men’s boots too. The common factor between both niches is that everyone wishes to remain warm, so fashion trends are dictated by it. Added factors like wet weathers bring forth the need for specialised options like shoes for snow. 

However, this focus on specialised footwear for a season is not restricted to winter. Rather, the range takes inspiration and has evolved alongside the design uplifts in summer and rainy shoes

So, irrespective of what you seek, you can shop for all kinds of winter shoes which are in vogue on Mochi Shoes online. Read further for inspirations, style tips and different looks to sport your choice of footwear for winter in the classiest way possible.

A Style Guide for Winter Shoes

Once you go through the tips we have put together below; you will be ready to pick out your very own winter shoes.

  • Boots

Any discussion about fashion for the cold months is incomplete without them. To begin with, leather boots are apt winter shoes for men to pair with office formal trousers and suits. Also, within the collection, you will find ladies winter boots to tuck skinny jeans into, which will make anyone the star of any party gathering. The ankle-length kind is appropriate as girls’ winter boots that go well with leg warmers or stocking and layered frocks for any outing or event.

  • Loafers

This type of footwear is different from the ones worn in the summertime. They are snugger in their design and are shoes which are meant to keep your feet toasty. You can easily swap out the flip flops you wear at home for them. They make for excellent winter shoes for women because they also may be paired up with your regular jeans, shirts and sweaters. They also complement salwar suits and kurtas for daily wear.

  • Sandals

Every season has its version of such footwear, and for the winters the shades are unique. Even standard colours like black are available in the glossy finish, which is eye-catching, to contract the bleak weather. A red t-strap pair with a block heel is the one you need to complement an evening gown of the same shade and to be on-trend. Other more casual pairs such as floaters are winter shoes for ladies which work well with socks too.

  • Walking Shoes

Sticking to a disciplined fitness regime is fantastic, and the right footwear will keep you going. Surfaces can get quite slippery, so getting the correct winter shoes should be a priority. As winter shoes for girls, they are practical and can be worn with casual wear also as youngsters are mostly on their feet all day. For adults having a pair for early morning or evening walks, it is useful to complement joggers or track pants.

Shop for Winter Shoes Online on Mochi

Nothing makes us happier than bringing you all the latest winter shoes, year after year. Apart from that, it does not matter if you are looking for Oxfords, Brogues, pumps, stilettoes, flats, boots, sneakers or flip flops because we have them all and more. Also, we ensure secure payment gateways, free delivery and cash on delivery options when you shop from us, so sign up to Mochi today. 

Winter Shoes - FAQs

Can snow ruin shoes?

Yes, without a proper protective coating, snow can easily ruin your shoes as long term exposure to moisture affects the fabric of the shoe. However, if you already got snow on your shoes, a mixture of vinegar and water can help save them. 

How to style winter boots?

Here are some recommendations to style winter boots for all the demographics -

  • Ladies can create an attention-grabbing look by flaunting their tall rock boots when paired with a mini dress or short one-piece dresses. An outer layer comprising of a jacket and a scarf will ensure warmth without compromising on style. 
  • Leather or suede winter boots are ideal for men planning to be functional throughout a snowy day. Along with the boots, dark coloured jeans make for a great pair with chequered shirts. For additional protection from the cold, beanie caps and leather jackets can be seen as ideal picks. 
What are some of the stylish shoes for men in winter?

Winter shoes for men are the must-haves in wardrobes. Keep your cold feet warm and look stylish with the following winter shoes - 

  • Loafers - These winter shoes are lightweight yet thick, ensuring warmth with ease of movement. They can be paired easily with your daily winter outfits. You could add a peacoat for an additional layer of warmth. 
  • Boots -  Boots with insulated soles and an extra layer of padding can keep your feet warm all day long. They are also a multi-functional footwear style, pairing well with both formal and casual outfits. 
Do leather shoes keep your feet warm during winter?

Yes, leather shoes can keep your feet warm during winter, if appropriately treated with waterproofing protector. The protector helps in keeping moisture from penetrating the outer shell of the boot. Hence, it is essential to maintain winter shoes with appropriate solutions to prolong their shelf life.



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