Mochi Moccasins - All about the Traditional Footwear

Moccasin refers to a shoe that is made from soft leather with modern variants crafted from synthetic material. The design of the shoe consists of a sole and sides crafted from a single piece of leather. This structure is then stitched at the top and sometimes further fastened with a vamp, i.e. an additional panel of leather. 

The design of the shoe is soft and flexible with the upper section of the shoe, often featuring embroidery or embellishments.

Moccasin Origin Story 

Worn majorly for outdoor use, the origin of moccasin can be traced back to indigenous populations of North America where the shoe was first developed. The word moccasin too is derived from from the Algonquian language Powhatan word makasin as well as the Proto-Algonquian word *maxkeseni (shoe).

How to style Moccasins?

Nowadays, moccasins for men as well as women are being crafted. Often visually compared to loafers, the major difference between the two lies in the presence of a prominent sole in moccasins, whereas loafers are classified as slip-on shoes. 

With time, various ways to style trendy moccasins have been derived. Some of which have been listed below:

Style Tips for Moccasins for Men:

  • Due to its semi-formal image, they are best paired with formal trousers or chinos for the Friday office look. 
  • When heading to parties, leather moccasins can be a great alternative to black leather shoes. You can also explore other colours such as blue, brown and maroon and match them with your outfits. 
  • To give a casual twist to the suit look, pair a pair of moccasins in a bold colour and match it with a clean-cut navy suit. However, keep the colour tone in mind. When opting for a navy suit, opt for a warmer colour like red and vice versa. 

Style Tips for Moccasins for Women:

  • Pair moccasin shoes with a t-shirt dress and pair it with a denim jacket. For best effect, pick a dress in a lighter shade such as white or taupe. 
  • When heading out for an outdoor event or a vacation, the denim shorts and moccasins combination makes for an incredibly cute look.
  • For a classy outdoor look, pair this footwear with relaxed striped dresses and khaki olive lightweight trench coats. When trying this look, go for solid classic colour styles like those mentioned for men’s moccasins. 
  • If you are looking for a light smart casual look, go for a slim fit pair of beige trousers and pair with a light coloured pair of moccasins with no socks. Complete the look with a white oxford shirt.
  • For a boho-chic look, pair the shoe with a pantsuit and add a suede draped coat and paisley print gown to complete the look. 

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