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Mochi Belts - An Essential Accessory

Belts can be defined as a strap that goes around the waist and cinches to hold up a person’s pants. Most of them comprise of two parts - the buckle and the strap. The buckle is the part that gives the belt its cinching ability. 

History of Belts

Belts have been existing in some form since the Bronze Age with both men and women wearing it over the course of history. However, their use became prevalent in the 18th century when soldiers were expected to wear belts as a decorative and utilitarian part of the military uniform. But post the 1920s, the trouser line witnessed a drop, necessitating the need for the underrated accessory. This marked the beginning of the common practice of wearing waist belts over trousers. 

While in the past, belts were mostly worn by men, they are now by women too. The fashion trends in both variants have diversified enough to become an individual entity. 

Types of Belts Online on Mochi

The range of belts available online on Mochi is vast and cater to diverse fashion styles. In terms of material, leather continues to be a popular choice among the masses. However, sturdy fabrics tend to be preferred by certain demographics. 

As for designs, the buckle takes the cake with various eye-catching styles available for customers to choose. For those who seek smart fashion choices, the reversible belt is evolving to be a strong preference in the market, with black and brown shades being a common colour. 

How to wear a belt and upgrade your look?

There are a number of ways in which belts can be paired and worn to upgrade a look among both men and women. In order to help you amp up your style game, here are some suggestions that you could consider:

Belts for Men:

  • Black formal belts are the preferred choice when it comes to formal outfits, in particular. But they have a tendency to meld into the overall outfit. If you wish to get a look that catches the eye, switch to brown belts. The earthy colour shall stand out in any outfit, and it is incredibly appealing to the eyes.
  • While in the midst of buying belts, think about the shoes that you wear the most and picks options that match the colour of that footwear. If possible, the finish of the belt also matches the shoe. This rule applies equally to both casual and formal shoes for men and women. 

Belts for Women:

  • Black belts can make for quite a visual accessory, especially when it comes to a single colour ensemble. For example, a black leather belt can serve as a great visual break for an all-white look.
  • Wearing a belt over a loose dress would make for a bold fashion statement. You could wear slightly below the waistline to create a cool, drop-waist silhouette.

Shop for Belts Online on Mochi

On Mochi, you can expect an eye-catching range of leather belts online, among other popular variants. So, whether you are looking for a dark shaded belt to match with formal shoes for women or a simple design to pair with your casual outfit, you shall find your preference on the platform. 

In addition to the amazing collection of belts, benefit from the fantastic perks offered by the MyMochi loyalty program. So, sign up now to get your hands on the best products and perks on the platform. 



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