Mochi Wallets – Compact and Fashionable

The wallet was first introduced in the 1600s after the invention of paper currency – before that, pouches with drawstrings were used to carry coins of various kinds. Today, wallets hold a special place in both our wardrobes and hearts on account of their usefulness and versatility. Mochi is among the best wallet brands for men and women and stocks a large variety of the most trendy kind. If you want to be better organised while looking oh-so-stylish, there is no better place to be. 

A Useful Guide to Picking the Best Wallets for Men and Women

There are many different kinds of wallet styles for various purposes. We take you through our collection of the same while handing out outfit styling ideas:

  1. Men’s leather wallets never go out of fashion, so pick a classic chocolate brown bifold variety for a one-size fits all arrangement. You can use it with just about any outfit, whether it casual, formal or even ethnic, and pull it off with ease. 
  2. Nobody likes to pull out a tattered wallet on an important social occasion, such as a date. Keep a synthetic single-fold wallet in textured grey handy to go with a casual shirt and chinos, along with moccasins and a sticker print cotton jacket. Spritz on a delectable scent chosen from our range of herbal body sprays for men and you are good to go. Your date will be impressed by how well-turned-out you are. Furthermore, it will show effort on your part and you will win silent brownie points from her. 
  3. Women can pick up one of our colourful wallet clutches to store all their everyday essentials, including cards, keys, cash, small makeup or skincare items, etc. Get a few of them to go with your various outfits. They can be paired with anything from a saree to a cocktail dress.
  4. Gift your loved ones accessories from our leather wallets for men range. Pick a single, double or triple fold piece with a glossy or matte finish and with or without embellishments like contrasting stitch detail, metal embossment, buttons, etc. They are incredibly practical as well as ultra-modish. You can combine them with purchases from our men’s belts or men’s bags range for an even more wholesome gift. You can also pick up an item or two from our women’s wallets assortment for your loved one’s birthday, college graduation, etc. 
  5. All accessory dimensions, material and care specifications are listed out on our product pages. Peruse them before making a buying decision, but in case you change your mind after you receive our product, you can always opt for our easy 15-day return or exchange policy.

Buy Wallets Online on Mochi

Mochi also offers a cash on delivery option, fast shipping, loyalty program, deals and discounts. Looking and feeling stylish is not all that difficult when you have a few tried-and-tested fashion essentials to fall back on and with Mochi wallets, you can work on even the smallest details of your wardrobe. Sign up now to get all your favourite accessories and more on our website.



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