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Get Your Dapper Looks on With Exclusive Leather Boots Online on Mochi

Leather boots are rugged and stylish pairs of footwear we all love to own. Just like we can never have too many plain white or black T-shirts, we can never own never too many boots. From ankle-length ones to Chelseas, leather boots come in a wide variety of styles which can be worn during the winter, summer, and for work as well.

Boots and their Many Types Available on Mochi

A quick search online will tell you there are hundreds of boots out there. But, what are the best leather boots you can find? Let us take a look at the many types you can buy only on Mochi.

  • Chelsea Leather Boots

Chelsea boots are the classic pair of leather casual shoes that are a must-have in every person’s wardrobe. They are distinguishable by their side panel which features an elastic panel for easy access. The first pair of Chelsea boots were reportedly designed for Queen Victoria in the 1850s because she wanted a pair of casual boots that were comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Oxford Leather Boots

These boots feature a closed lace design. Essentially, they are the high-ankle version of regular oxford shoes that are a mainstay in the formal shoes for men and women market. Although they are known to be hard to maintain, they make for a versatile pair for every formal or casual event.

  • Casual Leather Boots

Casual boots, as the name suggests, are the perfect pair of leather casual shoes for every informal occasion - whether you’re going for a movie or taking your vehicle out for a spin. They are best worn with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt or a pair of chinos, a T-shirt, and a jacket on top. You can find a variety of styles and colours in the boots for men section on Mochi across all price ranges.

  • Chunky Leather Boots

These are leather boots that have a chunky heel of up to an inch and adds to your height. The option available on Mochi in this category doubles as great leather formal shoes as they feature minimalist design to offer you a relaxed and elegant look whenever you don them. As to the colours, you can find the brown leather boots variant as well as in black.

Shop for the Best Pair of Pure Leather Boots on Mochi

Add a dash of ruggedness to your shoe collection with a few stunning pairs of leather boots India has to offer. At Mochi, you will find dozens of amazing leather boots to choose from, all of which are crafted to perfection with our tried and tested shoe-making methods. That is not all. We are home to some of the best brands from India as well as around the world. So, log on to Mochi now to shop for the pair of black leather boots that will last you a lifetime.


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