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While pointed heels such as stilettoes are considered the standard, the reality is that there are much more comfortable footwear options which are practical, yet stylish for women. One such kind is the wedges shoes style, which comes in a bunch of different types that are absolutely irresistible. As the name suggests, their sole is in the shape of a wedge tool which distributes body weight more evenly. Also called lifties, they have quite a long history.

The design of such shoes dates back to ancient Greece. But it was the introduction of wedges to the Italian market in the thirties by Salvatore Ferragamo that made them trendy. Along with block heels, wedges heels are making a huge comeback. Since then, when it comes to walking, wedges are a smart choice as they have evolved as comfortable flat heels. In terms of comfort, they are often considered similar to kitten heels. Read further if you want to discover the various wedges and how you can style them.

Wedges that Your Collection Needs

Are you looking to buy wedges online? Our assortment of options will inspire you; take a look at some of our offerings and ways to style them. 

  • Boots

You cannot go wrong with this type of footwear. They are especially fetching in the autumn and winter season which you can layer up. Adding wedges to them will give you the elongated effect to your legs when you tuck your skinny jeans into them. You can pair it with a big collared white shirt, blazer on top and an infinity scarf. The choice between a calf-length or ankle-length pair is entirely yours as both are equally trendy.

  • Loafers

If you are looking for casual footwear, then you should have at least a couple of these. We guarantee you that you will not turn back because they are incredible to walk around in and maybe worn to the office or the mall. Such wedges come plain or embellished with tassels, a bow or a strip as per your preference. They are in colours such a black, tan, red, beige, pink or blue and complement capris, track pants, trousers or jeans.

  • Sandals

There are some times when you want to move away from shoes that fully cover your feet, and these do a great job then. The fact that they are wedges is an added bonus as they have either an ankle strap or a back strap to keep your feet secure. There are pairs which can be worn for dressy occasions as they have a glossy finish and studs while others are apt for daily use. Wear them with salwar kurtas, long skirts and the likes.

  • Slip-Ons

These are perhaps the most versatile category of wedges which has many styles within it. If you are a woman whose closet has many ethnic clothes then there are many pairs of slip-ons wedges for you here, be it for special events or everyday usage. Some of them have a sporty look which may go well with regular jeans while some have a higher heel with a metallic strap that would compliment an evening saree or lehenga.

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