Block Heels

Mochi Block Heels

Block heels refer to footwear with heels that are more denser than the regular stilettos. They are known to provide great support and evenly distribute the bodyweight on the feet. Hence, the silhouette that block heel shoes give you is certainly a breath of fresh air. 

Varied Options in Women’s Block Heels

You can wear women’s block heels with formal, casual or dressy looks which makes them a versatile footwear option to consider while being trendy. Available in a wide range of colours, there is not much difference between block heels and platform heels. Hence, many ladies will find it easy to pair women’s block heels with many ensembles. 

Block Heels – Style Inspiration

We will tell you how you can better your style after you get yourself your very own block heels online from Mochi.

  • Flattering Formals

Turning up to a corporate office everyday looking impeccable will be made easier with great footwear. To this end, owning a pair of black block heels and pumps is definitely a life and time saver.  To begin with, the shade is ubiquitous so you cannot go wrong and it works well with grey or black shades of trousers or skirt suits. Along with platform heels, this footwear style is a classic choice which will serve you well for years to come.

  • Casual Chic

The aim of a laidback look is to bring a cool vibe into your outfit with the latest trends. There is no denying that high-waist cargo pants, joggers and calf-length pencil skirts with crop tops and bomber jackets are all the rage. But give such sporty ensembles a tasteful twist to wear to meet pals or to shop. Apart from kitten heels, you could consider opting for clear block heel sandals to complete the ensemble. Similarly, you could explore flat heels as an option. Either way, a tip to ace such block heels is to get a pedicure the day before.

  • Evening Glam

When you want to stand out in a crowd there can be no compromises. Start by choosing a colour that is bold such as red, for a cocktail party thrown for you. You could either opt for a saree or floor-length gown, which are both head turners. Then for footwear, slip into red block heels with considerable height. 

  • Ethnic Elegance

There is always a special effort made by women when they deck up in traditional attire. Black block heel sandals complement such ensembles very well. You can wear them with lehengas for marriages or receptions and other such grand events. 

Buy Block Heels Online on Mochi 

If you have fallen in love with women’s block heels after reading about them, you are in for a surprise on Mochi. In addition to block heels, find different types of footwear such as sneakers, loafers, flip flops, mojaris, boots, wedges and many more. Our secure payment gateways, free delivery and fifteen days return policy will definitely make you come back for more. Another lucrative reason to sign up to the platform would be the MyMochi program which offers incredible rewards for all your purchases.



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