Women's Clogs: The Most Comfortable Footwear Option for You

Gone are the days when fashionable footwear sucked the life out of your feet. Now, you can easily achieve a stylish look while prioritising your comfort. Mochi is here to help you do just that! For men, clogs were already a go-to option, but Mochi now brings a wide range of clog sandals women can also turn to! With Mochi's impressive range of both men's crocs and women's crocs, you can now choose a pair that seamlessly takes care of not just your feet but your entire outfit!

How to Get the Perfect Fit While Buying Clogs

Buying shoes and ensuring you have the right fit is always challenging, which is why we have a few tips to help you!

  • Look for Adjustable Straps: Look for an adjustable strap or belt while buying clogs. This can help you achieve the perfect fit by letting you decide exactly how loose or tight you want your shoes to be on a certain day.
  • Always Size Up: If your size comes in halves (such as 6.5 or 7.5) and you cannot find it on a certain brand's size chart, always pick the next largest size instead of a smaller one
  • Wear A Thick Pair of Socks: If your fit is slightly off, you have nothing to worry about! Wear thick socks underneath your clogs, and you should be good to go. This way, you will at once achieve a snug fit and keep your feet warm and cosy.

3 Ways to Style A Pair of Clogs

Here are three outfit options for the days when you have to put something together quickly without compromising on the style:

  1. Plain T-shirt and Cropped Jeans: On days when the weather is rainy, shoes can be a huge challenge while putting an outfit together. We get it, and we got you covered! Pair ladies clogs with a plain t-shirt and cropped, relaxed fit jeans to achieve an effortlessly put-together look.
  2. Overalls And a Statement Piece: You can also pair your clogs with overalls. Get dark-coloured clogs for a lighter pair of overalls, and complete the look with one bold piece of accessory. You can choose anything from purses to eyewear to heavy jewellery to check this box.
  3. Flowing Maxi Dress: Ladies clogs also go really well with maxi dresses. Choose a pair of clogs in a muted shade and match it with a bright patterned maxi dress! The sheer contrast in colours will completely transform your outfit into a mesmerising ensemble.

Buy the Best Women Clog Sandals Online at Mochi

Mochi brings you a collection of the finest footwear from world-class brands at your fingertips. Go through our catalogue to find the perfect pair of clog shoes for women, and once you have found something you like, place an order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Women's Clogs - FAQs

Which brand is the best for Women's clogs?

Mochi offers some of the best ladies’ clogs. All the options showcased in our collection of women’s clogs are supremely comfortable, durable and affordable. The designs of these women’s clogs are trending and contemporary that resonate with young women. If you want to buy some stylish women’s clogs online, visit Mochi today.

Are women's Clogs still in trend?

Yes, clog sandals for women are still in trend and will always be. The comfort they provide is simply unbeatable, which is one of the reasons that make them so desirable. In addition, women’s clogs also go well with leisurewear and are an ideal fit for everyday use. So, go get yourself a pair of stylish and comfortable women’s clogs from Mochi.

What outfits should one pair with clog shoes for women?

All kinds of casual outfits go well with women’s clog sandals. You can pair joggers with a cool printed T-shirt and clogs for an easy-going look. You can buy such casual clog shoes for women from the comfort of your home and as per your convenience, on Mochi.

Are Women's clog sandals good for your feet?

Women’s clog sandals are extremely comfortable. They are crafted with soft rubber material that cushions your feet and have a textured outsole that provides you with a good grip. These footwear are also flexible which makes it super easy to walk in them.

Which website has the best collection of clogs for women?

Mochi’s online shopping website has the best collection of women's clogs and other women’s shoes. We also have an amazing collection of men’s and kids’ shoes that are extremely stylish and affordable. You can check out the entire range of men’s shoes by simply visiting our website today.


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Women Clogs Price List Product Price
1 Crocs Women Bone Casual Clogs (118-207988-2Y2-4) Rs. 7,995
2 Mochi Women Rust Casual Clogs (31-62-91-39) Rs. 2,490

Data last updated on 18-May-2024