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The level of comfort offered by a footwear affects how confidently you carry yourself, so choosing uncomfortable shoes is certainly not worth it. Needless to say, any footwear range featuring men's thong sandals easily ranks high in style as well as comfort. Known for providing the ultimate comfort with a stylish design.

Types of Men's Thong Sandals Available on Mochi Shoes

The selection of men's sandals offered on Mochi Shoes are simply too difficult to resist. Listed below are some categories of men's thong sandals for you to check out:

  • Solid: This range includes multiple options in solid colours. These men's thong flip flops are made of high quality leather and designed to endure wear and tear in the long run. Hence, you can rest assured these solid men's thong sandals are an incredibly versatile addition to your wardrobe. You can find these in various colours like white, tan, blue, black and more.
  • Textured: This category displays a range of men's thong sandals featuring texture on the straps. You can find these in different geometric textures that are minimalistic and sophisticated. You can also find these in options of various soles including flats and an alternative with broader straps and thicker soles for more impact absorption.
  • Embellished: This category of men's thong slippers on Mochi Shoes also features embellished options. Step into effortless style and unmatched comfort with Mochi's collection of thong slippers for men, perfect for those relaxed days when you want to keep it casual yet fashionable. These thongs slippers are adorned with decorative items like the brand logos along with features like adjustable velcro straps or buckles. These simple additions make these high-quality leather men's thong sandals a great buy. 

A Guide to Styling Men's Thong Sandals for Every Occasion

Men's thong sandals are invaluable in a man's closet. Embrace the essence of effortless style with Mochi's thong sandals for men, where each pair is a testament to simplicity and comfort, making them an ideal choice for your everyday adventures. Here are some fun looks you can try with your favourite pair:

  • You can never say no to a classic summer beach outfit with a pair of solid men's slip ons. Pair them with some cargo shorts, an oversized shirt and sunglasses to complete the look.
  • Style your textured men's thong sandals with white chino pants and a bright-coloured shirt. Accessorise with a simple watch and you are ready to go.
  • Wear your embellished men's thong sandals with a classic ethnic look including pyjamas, an embroidered kurta and a simple broach.

Buy Men's Thong Sandals Online on Mochi Shoes

Aiming to provide its customers with only the best, Mochi Shoes is one of the best footwear and accessories stores in India. You can easily access our countless awesome thongs footwear collections anywhere, anytime. Mochi Stores provides top notch shopping services like prompt delivery, seamless return services, and efficient customer care, along with many others. With such services at your disposal, you can enjoy online shopping unlike ever before. So sign up today and start shopping for men’s thong sandals, chappals, or slippers. Mochi Shoes' thong chappals offer an effortless blend of casual elegance and lasting comfort.


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