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It is surprising to think that there was a time when shoes were available only to a privileged few. This was the case with both gents and ladies shoes. It was only in the eighteenth century that buying new shoes became more accessible to the common folk, thanks to increased incomes and the emergence of new manufacturing methods.

From French king Louis XIV promoting shoes to modern day celebrities continuing the trend, the evolution of footwear, especially men’s shoes can be humongous. Hence, we shall be exploring some of the popular variants in men’s shoes along with some insights to shop right. 

Which are the popular men’s shoes?

With so many styles online to choose from, picking men’s shoes can be a tricky challenge. But, we have curated a simple list below that will help narrow down your search for awesome men’s shoes online. 


Type: Traditionally seen as men’s dress shoes, perforated (with holes) designs with the cap of the shoe forming a ‘W’ like design. While they used to be seen as outdoor men’s footwear, brogues are now acceptable for most purposes.


Similar to brogues, oxfords differ in the lack of designs on the cap of the shoes. Based on the function, oxfords are now available in multiple variants such as suede, canvas and leather shoes for men.


These shoes do not feature laces or any other fastening system. Featuring low or no heel, they are also referred to as slip-on in some countries.


Simply classified as the open lace variant of Oxford, these shoes offer great ease in movement. Identified as a casual dress shoe, they look great on coats and similar less formal ensembles.


These are shoes made from synthetic fabrics with rubber soles. Often associated with physical activities like sports, they are categorised under casual shoes for men. 

Tips to pair footwear with the right outfits 

Most shoes for men tend to pair well with certain outfits. As we have guided you through some popular men’s shoe options above, let us have a look at some of the popular outfit pairings with various types of men’s shoes. 

  1. Brogues - A pair of brogues are best paired with stylish trousers, a shirt and a dapper blazer. To amp up the sophisticated vibe, go for slimmer styles in colours like black, brown and burgundy in these formal shoes for men. 
  2. Oxford - For formal occasions, pair oxfords with suits as they have for a dapper combination. When it comes to smart casual events, chinos or dressy jeans work out well along with a comfortable full-length shirt. The same suggestions would apply for similar looking derby shoes.
  3. Loafers - Loafers work well with jeans, especially the brown suede variant. But you could also go for a pair in black to go with distressed jeans and a bomber jacket, for a casual yet modern look.
  4. Sneakers - These shoes look great with a variety of apparels such as jeans, shorts, blazers, casual shirts etc. Over the years, it has built quite a reputation as a versatile footwear option. 


Buy Men’s Shoes on Mochi Shoes

Whether it is men’s shoes or women’s shoes, Mochi Shoes is a one-stop-shop for all your footwear needs. Featuring a massive collection of amazing footwear options in sandals, shoes, boots and more, you are sure to find your pick in a few clicks. The platform also features a fantastic range of accessories such as bags, mobile covers, wallets and shoe care products. 


Shoes for Men – FAQs

What kind of shoes should men have?

Below Mentioned are some shoes for men that simply must have a home in your wardrobe and here they are:

  • Oxfords or Brogues
  • Penny or Horsebit Loafers
  • Derby or Chelsea Boots 
  • Sneakers or Running Shoes
  • Kolhapuris or Leather Sandals
  • Flip flops or Slides

With this list, we have you covered on all bases be it formal, casual or traditional. You can put together the pairs that appeal to your style sense and lifestyle easily. With this handy list, it is will be easy to now while buying men’s shoes online.

Are leather shoes good for daily wear?

You could use leather shoes for daily wear but it is not recommended that you use the same pair over and over again. If you do this, you are likely to ruin the appearance of your pair faster. Sweat from your feet gets soaked into the leather which would not dry sufficiently and dampness increases the chances of further damage. So, rotate between a few pairs and care for the leather with the right products for better wear.

What's trending in men's shoes right now?

Here are the shoes for men that are trending right now and forever.

  • Suede Chukka
  • Brogues
  • Leather Boot
  • Low Top White Sneakers
  • Loafers

If you already own some of these gents’ shoes, then it is time that you take them out more often, to pair with more ensembles. The common thread among all these shoes for men is that they all have a clean, minimal yet strong design that can be styled in multiple ways.

What shoes to wear in what season?

The seasons impact the trends in shoes for men hence, here is a very useful list of shoes for men to suit each season.

  • Summer – Espadrille, Boat Loafers, Leather Sandals, White Sneakers
  • Spring – Double Monk Straps, Penny Loafers, Suede Driving Shoes, Navy Sneakers
  • Autumn – Chelsea Boots, Combat Boots, Round Toe Oxfords, Hi-Top Sneakers 
  • Winter – Chukka Boots, Derbys, Tasselled Loafers, Canvas Sneakers
  • Monsoon – Rain Boots, Water Resistant Oxfords, Monsoon Loafers, Rain Sneakers

The above list will give you a fair idea of the direction you should go in while purchasing shoes for men that are appropriate for the season.



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