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Blue Shoes For Women: On-Trend Styles For The Modern Fashionista

Blue is often an overlooked colour when it comes to footwear. But what if we told you that they are all the rage at the moment? Ever since the comeback of the fairy aesthetic from the early 2000s, the hue has seen a massive resurgence. From periwinkle blue shoes for women to vibrant metallic dresses, the colour is back and how.

If you too wish to try this aesthetic, look no further than the blue shoes for women at Mochi Shoes. Our selection is broad and diverse. So, be it a pair of strappy heels or wedge sandals, we have it all. Without further ado, allow us to guide you through our offerings, and we will help you make the perfect choice.

Discover The Range Of Blue Shoes For Ladies Available Online

  • Heels: We have several options to choose from when it comes to these blue ladies' shoes. Our heel range features wedges, block, and kitten styles. What’s more, is that you can browse through a variety of pretty details, including vibrant straps, bedazzling ankle grips, and open-toe designs. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the variety of colours ranging from light blues to intense hues.
  • Flats: These are an absolute must-have in a woman’s shoedrobe. You can explore one-toe, open-toe, and T-strap flats. We also offer a unique take on basic flats. So you will spot quite a few pieces that feature prints and patterns placed along the insole or the straps themselves. Some styles also have ankle grips to secure your feet.
  • Casual Shoes: If you are browsing blue shoes for women that can be worn just about anywhere and are easy to slip on, these make for the ideal choice. This range includes a variety of comfort sandals featuring colour-blocked prints and other vibrant colours. What makes them even more interesting is that they are anything but basic. Featuring laser cut-outs, embroidered patterns, and pretty ribbons, there’s something to suit your aesthetic.
  • Boots: These blue shoes for women are the perfect companion during the winter. We have options featuring soft suede that is super easy to maintain. You may also find some to be flat and others with heels. The uber-comfortable footbed further adds to their appeal.

Blue Women’s Shoes: Styling Tips For Every Occasion

There are several ways you can style our blue shoes for women. Allow us to elaborate below:


  1. Wedges are ideal for summer dresses and maxi skirts. They offer a comfortable look perfect for daytime outings or casual evenings.
  2. Block heels can be paired with jeans or trousers for a balanced look equally suitable for office hours or a dinner date. Their sturdy design provides comfort, making them a great choice for long wear.
  3. Kitten heels are perfect for those who prefer a subtle lift. Pair them with pencil skirts or A-line dresses for a classic and sophisticated look. These blue shoes for women are also great for formal events where comfort and elegance are key.


  1. One-toe flats can be effortlessly styled with traditional wear such as kurtas or sarees, as well as with casual jeans and a tee for a minimalist look.
  2. Open-toe Flats are great for casual summer days, pair them with shorts or flowy dresses. They offer both comfort and style, keeping your feet cool.
  3. T-strap Flats are ideal shoes for women that lend a more elegant and finished look. This makes them suitable for both casual and semi-formal outfits. Try them with a midi skirt or capri pants for a polished ensemble.

Casual Shoes

  1. Comfort sandals can be paired with almost anything casual, from denim jeans to breezy summer dresses. Opt for colour-blocked prints to add a pop to your minimalist outfits.
  2. Shoes with embroidered patterns add a bohemian flair to your look. These casual shoes for women are best matched with simple, solid-coloured outfits.
  3. Shoes with ribbons are ideal for adding a feminine touch to your ensemble. Pair them with a skirt or a flouncy dress for a soft, romantic vibe.


  1. Suede boots provide a luxurious look and feel. Wear them with leggings or skinny jeans tucked in to highlight their texture and richness.
  2. Flat boots are perfect for daily wear, especially in colder weather. They can be casually styled with jeans or dressed in thick tights and a wool dress.
  3. Heeled boots add sophistication to any winter outfit. Pair them with a long coat and scarf for a chic, weather-ready look.

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