Mobile Covers

Mochi Mobile Covers - Protecting your Device

Mobile Covers are accessories that are designed to protect a mobile phone or smartphone from any sort of physical damage. These covers have been around ever since the existence of the first mobile phones. With time, their design has continued to adapt to fit the evolving make of mobile communication devices. 

The Need for Mobile Covers

Back in the day, mobile covers were used to only save the phone from physical damage such as cracks or scratches, occurred through a fall or rough usage. With time, the image of phone covers underwent a massive transformation. The inclusion of eye-catching colours and designs, including those from pop culture, made mobile phone covers a fashion accessory with its own distinct appeal. 

The Collection of Mobile Covers on Mochi

On Mochi, the collection of mobile covers takes the idea of being a fashion accessory to a whole different level. The biggest example would be the collection’s idea of splicing designs of sling bags and mobile covers. This mobile cover for women works wonders for those who do not like carrying heavy bags but like the effect it leaves on the overall look as an accessory. 

In addition to the previously mentioned design, variants such as mobile back covers and holsters continue to hot favourites. So, whether you like experimenting with new mobile cover designs or prefer sticking to your favourites, you shall find your desired choice on Mochi.

How to Pick Mobile Covers?

When choosing mobile covers, there are three aspects to keep in mind. We have listed down all three of them along with additional suggestions to help you. 

  • Protection - This is often the most popular reason why people resort to buying mobile covers. Ideally, it is recommended to keep this aspect in mind if you are prone to dropping your phone or if it is likely to catch scratches. In the former case, consider going for hard cases with a soft inner layer made from silicon, preferably. Whereas, in the latter scenario, investing in a mobile back cover would be a wise choice. 
  • Features - Nowadays, even mobile phone covers come up with a number of features. So, if you are a gizmo enthusiast, this is your field to play. For example, a common feature many phones have nowadays is a kickstand that pops out at the back, making it a great option for those who watch videos regularly on the phone. 
  • Creative Designs and Patterns - This is an aspect fashion ready people concern themselves with. With multiple niches of interest to targets, mobile covers tend to feature numerous designs that are either thematic or simply decorative. One of the most popular styles would be pop-culture references in such covers, be it quotes or a visual. 

Shop for Mobile Covers Online on Mochi

Considering the increasing popularity of mobile phone covers, Mochi continues to update its collection of covers with fresh styles and designs. So, you can be rest assured of getting the best options in mobile covers online on Mochi. 

In addition to mobile covers, you can even explore other products on the platform. While Mochi is most known for its range of footwear, their collection of belts deserves equal praise for its premium quality. The same can be said about their range of wallets that are functional as well as incredibly stylish. With special perks available through the MyMochi program, you have all the reasons to sign up and explore the best in Mochi now.  



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