Mochi Kids Shoes - Buy the cutest shoes for kids 

Getting cute kids' shoes can be a task since the market is filled with numerous options. Common queries regarding the shoes' colour, style, design, and more often flood the mind of parents. However, the collection of kids' shoes on Mochi makes it incredibly easy for parents as they can find all their desired options under one roof.  

Talking about the overall picture in the fashion industry, designers have not left out the kids' shoes from their checklist and is constantly innovating various types of shoes to please every kid. With a range of sneakers, formal shoes, casuals, girl boots and more to choose from, Mochi will help you simplify your search for the best kids' shoes. 

Finding the perfect pair for kids

Kids today are incredibly conscious about their appearance and have a penchant for keeping their look trendy and unique. Find the perfect pairs of kids' shoes to keep them active and adorably stylish. Kids' feet are soft and can be easily affected by foot problems, so adequate precautions must be taken. Here are some of them:

  • Correct Size: It is essential to shop for the right size of kids footwear. Poor fitting could make it difficult for your kid to walk. However, a slightly bigger size would not do much harm considering that children grow fast, and a little wiggle room is always welcome.
  • Proper fit: A good pair of kids footwear is supposed to be functional. Getting the right size in boys' shoes or girl shoes is equally essential to get a proper fit, i.e. keeping your kid's feet comfortable. When shopping for kids' shoes online, measure the foot and refer to the size chart before you make your purchase.
  • Shoe sole: The sole of kids' shoes should not be too soft or hard. Heeled party wear shoes should be avoided as it may increase the chance of the kid to trip and get hurt, especially since they all love to play. 
  • Trials: When shopping for kids' shoes online, do make your child try the shoes along with the socks. Doing so will give you a better idea of the fit and comfort of the shoes. If you find yourself in a conundrum, then shop the same style in two different sizes. Based on the feedback from your kids return one pair back for an easy refund. 

Shop for Kids' Shoes on Mochi

Thanks to Mochi, finding the best kids' shoes online is incredibly easy now. Shop from a variety of styles from the comfort of your home as your little ones pick their favourite pairs. Explore girls' shoes in shades of classic black or clean whites, boys' shoes for schools that are better suited for the all-season look. You could also pick some boys' boots for the monsoon season or a stylish pair of girls' boots for your budding fashionista. Whatsoever may your choice be, get shopping on Mochi today and pick from the coolest collections of kids' shoes.

 Kids’ Shoes FAQs 

At what age do children start wearing shoes?

Parents get too eager to get the first pair of kids’ footwear for their toddlers. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that kids do not require shoes for the first nine months of their lives. But once they start walking, they need good kids’ shoes that can protect their feet from injuries. As a parent, you must ensure that the kids’ shoes are flexible and have non-skid soles which provide your young one with comfort while walking and running. 

How much space should kids' shoes have?

Perfectly fitting shoes are essential for children of all ages. To properly select shoes that fit your kids’ feet, you must correctly measure their feet size. You need to measure your kids’ feet every two months to avoid putting their feet in small shoes. The following tips will help you find the best fit for your little one:

  • Kids should be able to easily wiggle their toes while wearing shoes. Make sure there is a gap between your kid’s toes and the shoe tip and they can wiggle their toes. 
  • There should be a minimum of ¼ inch of toe space available in the kids’ shoes.
Which is the best place to buy kids' shoes online?

Mochi is the best place from which to buy kids’ shoes online in India. The brand’s collection features a wide range of kids’ shoes which include sandals, slip-ons, slippers, mules, and many more. In addition to these fantastic products, the MyMochi loyalty program offers several offers, discounts, gift vouchers for customers to benefit from, and more. 



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