Mochi Jutti

Mochi Jutti - The Appeal of Traditional Indian Footwear

The jutti is a slip-on footwear style that is often associated with North India, especially the region of Punjab. Hence, the footwear is also known as the Punjabi jutti. Historically, it was known to be made of leather and featured intricate embroidery. Since the Indian royalty wore it around 400 years ago, the embroidery consisted of real gold and silver threads. 

In terms of design, Punjabi Jutis are long and reach up to the Achilles' tendon in the back of the foot. As for the front end, it covers the toes with a round or M-shape embroidered upper shoe. 

While these slip-on ethnic shoes did origin from northern India, juttis has grown to become a popular traditional footwear choice across India. 

Types of Juttis Online 

Such is the popularity of this ethnic footwear for men that it continues to remain in trend even in online stores today. Keeping up with the consumer expectations, Mochi too houses an exquisite collection of designer juttis online. 

With eye-catching options available for both men and women, the stylish juttis on the platform can be further categorised into casual and ethnic styles. While ethnic styles stay true to the original design, casual styles add in a touch of modern experimentation to present something new. 

How to Wear Juttis with Different Outfits?

As a traditional Indian footwear style that still continues to make a mark in the fashion space, jutti shoes are not restricted to ethnic designs. Rather, the scope for experimentation is left open to explore, and that is what we shall be doing through the following points. In the process, we shall guide you through simple ways in which fancy jutis could be worn with different outfits. 

  • Printed juttis are often seen as the epitome of the ultra-feminine look. So, while they look great with maxis and skater dresses, there are other interesting ways to style them. For example, you could match them up with high waist shorts or jumpsuits to get an edgy look. On the other hand, geometric designs work well for workwear. 
  • If your workspace allows semi-casual outfits, liven up your workwear with a patterned shoe that is on a similar colour range as your trouser. So, if you are wearing a pair of denim jeans, the shoes could feature a touch of blue. 
  • You could complete a monochromatic look by pairing the outfit with a black ethnic shoe that features mirror work. 
  • In the event that you are attending a grand ethnic occasion, you could pair your traditional saree or lehenga with a highly embellished jutti.
  • While there are varied colours available within the collection on Mochi, black and brown shades continue to remain one of the most popular products on the platform.

Shop for Juttis Online on Mochi

On Mochi, you can find some of the best styles in men and women's ethnic shoes, especially in the case of juttis. Apart from that, other popular ethnic shoe styles include Kolhapuri chappals as well as men's Pathani shoes, to name a few. 

Hence, you should sign up and explore the new juti designs that are regularly updated on Mochi and pick your desired choice. The regular sales and perks from the MyMochi program serve as additional benefits of being a Mochi customer. So, join the family and enjoy the best in footwear, accessories and more on the platform.



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